How the world or rather the world designers are changing and concentrating from the best fashionable clothes to the best fashionable mask. The designer from all over the world who are excellent in making of the upscale garments are becoming the best “Mask Maker”. Not only the various cotton-based fabrics but various fabrics are now used for the making of the mask.

Nowadays, the mask has become necessary to be worn by each and every individual not only in India, but also this discipline has been floated in various other countries. Some world designers have taken up their responsibility of putting their art of stitching into best way of making colourful mask.

From colourful dresses to colourful mask or rather a matching mask of your dress. The designers are getting artistic with giving the mask their designer touch with the use of different fabrics. From cotton to luxurious silk to the net fabric, velvet fabric to sequins fabric. Let it come on, dare to experiment with those new style of mask with different fabrics.

The designers doing that way, are not only giving style quotient with the best mask but also giving employment to the tailors and industry as a whole. Soon all the websites will be shopping for the best-looking mask around the world. Along with shopping groceries, people would be seen shopping for the best looking mask. From the branded clothes, the world is also going towards branded mask! 

The multi designers stores and the branded shops now also will be selling the mask in matching to the clothes you wear. A branded shirt will have a mask made of the same shirt fabric. A long dress will have a mask matching and made of the same dress fabric.

It’s not funny how the people would be now saying I saw girl wearing the most beautiful sequins mask, beaded mask, or embroidered mask, or animal printed mask, shibori mask, lucknowi chikankari mask, polka dots mask, lace mask, velvet mask, stripes mask and more and more. If you are going to wear the mask, why not make it more colourful !!!

Along with the necessary zone the mask is slowly becoming the most fashionable zone. From the protective equipment, mask is becoming a part of the new attire of the companies. Along with the uniform, the mask is now made a part of the whole uniform attire.

Like how it happened with AirAsia, the mask is now become a part of their formal attire.

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Just imagine a fashion week show, the model walking the ramp with the most desirable clothing with the most beautiful mask. How we are adapting and accepting these things, isn’t it so wonderful.

Various Indian Designers are all investing their time, efforts and energy in the making of the mask. Giving employment to the karigars and tailors and giving support to their whole supply chain. Saroj Fabrics just donated fabrics to the fashion designer in India for making of the mask for BMC, Mumbai.

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As the world adapts to the new normal, the face mask becomes a mode of one’s expression and hygiene to soar above our problems with empathy, compassion and style.

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