Event Decor Fabrics


Swagging and Draping Fabrics

Beautiful sheer fabrics can be used to swag across a venue for a beautiful full effect. Drape from a floor to ceiling window to create flowing curtains. The most popular choices for event docorators, interior designers, upholsterers, wedding décor and more.


Table Cover Fabrics

Our collection of table and chair cover fabrics include a variety of polyester, cotton, nylon and rayon fabrics. Widely used by event decorators and home decoration.


Back Drop and Curtain Fabrics

Sparkling sequence fabrics are perfect for photo booth, stage backdrops and other event décor projects. Largest collection of various sequence fabrics drape from floor to ceiling window to create flowing curtains. Shiny satin fabrics in vibrant and bright colors which are easily machine washable. Polyester satin fabric creates beautiful flowy backdrops.


Sashes & Table Runner Fabrics

The sashes and table runner fabrics include unique satin, sequins and organza fabrics perfect for banquet hall decorations. Event planners and decorators love using the satin or lame fabrics for chair sashes and table runners! Use the organza fabric to get a sparkling sheer effect or choose one of our satins for a solid shiny fabric that stands out against a matte cover set.


Bulk Order

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