Saroj Fabrics often encounters questions like what is the difference between 60 gsm and 100 gsm georgette or how is polyester different than viscose georgette, this encouraged us to write about this super realistic georgette fabric into a blog for all to read.

Georgette is a silk or polyester semi-sheer or sheer woven fabric with a slight pebble texture. It is made from silk or polyester. Georgette fabric is used to make all types of western garments, such as tunics, shirts, dresses and even trousers. A perfect fabric for sarees, anarkali, salwar kameez and lehenga choli, it can also be used for casual wear to make kurtis, salwar kameez and tunics.

Pure Georgette Silk Fabric: Pure fabrics is woven from silk yarns and it is the best quality. Garment designer can explore pure georgette fabric in various weights such as 60 grams, 80 grams, 100 grams, etc to make different categories of garments. Difference between 60 grams, 80 grams and 100 grams pure georgette fabric is the thickness of the fabric. Also called as 60 GSM, 80 GSM, 100 GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter. 100 grams is the thickest and heaviest; 60 grams is the thinnest and lightest. 60 grams has more sheer effect than 100 grams. If you are draping, the heavier fabric will give a different fall than the lighter one. The price of 100 grams is more than 60 grams as more warp and weft yarn is used to make the fabric.

Viscose and Polyester Georgette Fabric : Viscose / Polyester (Artificial) fabrics are cheaper and the best substitute for Pure fabrics. Viscose fabric is woven from man-made regenerated cellulose fiber which absorbs moisture and can be easily dyed, where as Polyester fabric is woven from synthetic fiber which is cheaper and non-dyeable.

Georgette Fabric with Saroj Fabrics
Saroj Fabrics not only gives you many options of Pure, Viscose or Polyester Georgette fabric but also many other blends with Georgette like Satin, foil, shimmer, etc. Being the forerunner in the fabric industry, we have mastered the art of many types of Georgettes. It comes in plain solid colors, prints and with different types of embroidery.

Embroidered Georgette Fabric : Various thread, pearl, zari and other embroidery work are readily available on the georgette fabric. You will get the trendiest look of the season online with us.

Dyeing Service of Georgette Fabric with Saroj Fabrics
We dye plain and embroidered white Georgette fabrics made of pure or viscose fibers. Select the best color option for your fabrics from 700+ options of colors from the shade card and give your dyeing orders. You can play with the dyeing techniques such as shading, tie and dye and single colour dye.