We all love Katrina Kaif and well who doesn’t love Sabyasachi designs! Bring them both together and you can never go wrong with style. Floral prints are a classic especially when they are done on Organza. This peachish pink organza Sabyasachi saree worn by Katrina Kaif with the classic Sabyasachi belt and a full sleeves blouse is a statement look in itself.

Thinking about how you can recreate this look for your next party? We’ve got you covered. Organza is a luxurious thin weave perfect for making all kinds of flowy outfits. From churidars to sarees you can style it in multiple ways and for every kind of occasion. For recreating this authentic Sabyasachi look we have this dainty floral print organza fabric with a slight sheen to it (https://www.sarojfabrics.com/fabrics/fabric-types/organza/sfk31637-organza-print-fabric). You can find more Organza Prints here: https://www.sarojfabrics.com/fabrics/fabric-types/organza

The fabric is perfect to create both the saree and a blouse and you can pair it with any kind of belt to give it a silhouette. For the Saree, you can use this fabric as it is which also saves your stitching costs making this outfit even more affordable. This saree can be styled for your best friend's wedding or for your office friend’s cocktail irrespective of the occasion because of how classy the outfit is. You can always dress up or dress down the outfit by pairing different jewellery with the outfit.

The same fabric once worn as a saree can also be recycled and made into an Anarkali suit or kurta to be styled with yet another set of pieces. Our Fashion Police are absolutely drooling over this look on Katrina by Sabyasachi and we are sure after seeing how easy it is to recreate this look even you are now eager to wear this saree at your next event. To get this same fabric you can visit any of our stores and even buy it directly from the link given.

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