Print on Print is one of the most recent trends ruling the heart of our beloved fashionistas. With the world opening up on social events we all want to something which is different and out of the box. Prints and plain fabrics is a trend most of us have followed for our outfits but this time to bring that much needed twist why not try Print on Print with traditional outfits as well?

Here are some tips to style Print on Print:

1)Floral Prints: Florals are one of the most simple prints to style with and go perfectly for our traditional Indian outfits.Style small flowery prints for the top while the bottom with bigger floral prints while keeping the colour pallete same to make it look more polished.

2)Indian Prints on Prints: Small dainty Indian motif prints are a part of Indian outfits since ages and when styled with something in the similar print they add a grace to your look.These fabrics in silk or cotton paired with similar printed fabric look exceptional and give one a younger look.




Shibori Tye Dye:

3)Geometrical Prints: One of the most easiest prints to style are these geometrical prints which one can style in different outfits.These prints not only look modern but also make you look taller specially stripes while prints like Polka dots make you look chic.

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